Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Department of Chemistry


History of the Department of Chemistry

The University of Santo Tomas was the first institution of higher learning in the Philippines to teach chemistry in its science courses. In 1894, the Faculty of Science offered specialized chemistry courses in General and Analytical Chemistry to Pharmacy students. Originally referred to as the School of Chemistry at the then College of Liberal Arts, it introduced a five-year Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program in 1931 and a BS in Industrial Technology in 1961. It also offered a short-lived three-year course for chemical technicians in 1974. In the mid 70s, the five-year curriculum was reorganized and condensed into a four-year program.

The Chemistry Department was the first unit in the University to be recognized by the CHED as a Center of Excellence. It boasts of having a highly qualified staff with the most PhDs in the College. The Department is likewise equipped with modern chemical instruments for student use.

Mission and Vision of Chemistry Department


The Department of Chemistry serves the Nation in advancing knowledge through research, by producing competent and ethical professionals who will engage the community to address its needs.


Department of Chemistry envisions itself as a Center of Excellence that will continually:

  • Nurture life-long learners committed to excellence in scholarship and research. and equipped with updated technological skills in chemistry and allied fields of studies,
  • Play a major role in the generation of quality research and development that will address local concerns and create global impact, and
  • Share its resources in the upgrading of chemistry education and the chemical sciences as a whole


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Program Intended Learning Outcomes

PILO Chemistry


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