Saturday, May 27, 2017
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B.S. Applied Mathematics major in ACTUARIAL SCIENCE transforming risks to opportunities

Actuarial Science is the complete blend of mathematics, statistics, probability, economics, business and finance, to analyze and solve financial and risk management problems. A successful actuarial career begins with a strong mathematical foundation and good communication skills.

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BS APPLIED PHYSICS Science of everyday living

Physics, once called natural philosophy deals with the fundamental laws of nature. Its major divisions are mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, wave motion , sound, optics and modern physics.

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BS Biology: the epicenter of science in the 21st century

Biology, the science of life has been and will always be the core of the natural sciences. It is the scientific exploration of the enormous and diverse world of living organisms; an exploration that revealed a wealth of knowledge about ourselves and about the millions of other living organisms with whom we share this planet Earth.

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BS CHEMISTRY, the central science

Chemistry is an exciting and diverse discipline which plays essential roles in the emerging science and technology of the 21st century. At UST, the Chemistry program means a great opportunity for advancement and skilled proficiency in the field. It provides the students with modern facilities to secure an outstanding curricular and practical training.

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BS MICROBIOLOGY Seeing the unseen

Microbiology or the study of microorganisms is a unique yet broadly encompassing field of scientific discipline that investigates the unseen life forms. It constantly tackles and defies conventional wisdom on infectious diseases, discovery of antibiotics, development of vaccines, commercial fermentations and food production, environmental preservation, bioremediation and wastewater treatment. It further looks into the unconventional microbial involvements in energy generation, restoration of art works and to as far as the outer space.

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BS PSYCHOLOGY a jouney into a man’s soul and mind

Psychology is a relatively young but vibrant and fast-growing profession in the Philippines and in other countries. It is one of the most versatile fields that balances both natural and applied science orientations.

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