Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Psychology Program

Psychology: a jouney into a man’s soul and mind

Psychology is a relatively young but vibrant and fast-growing profession in the Philippines and in other countries. It is one of the most versatile fields that balances both natural and applied science orientations.

As a psychologist, one can work in any setting across various industries. This provides job opportunities for graduates despite the challenging economic times. Most importantly, this helping occupation is professionally and personally fulfilling as one works towards improving the quality of lives of people.

Program overview

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is a four-year-degree program that gives students the basic knowledge and training in three areas:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Educational Psychology

Relevant course offerings and supervised practicum give students the necessary and adequate preparation for their entry into the professional world of work.

Career Opportunities

A graduate of Psychology can work as:

  • Psychometrician in the school and corporate settings
  • Psychodiagnostician and psychotherapist if with post-graduate studies
  • Academician/researcher
  • Forensic psychologist who acts as expert witness in criminal and civil cases
  • Human resource management practitioner
  • Recruitment and assessment professional
  • Organization development consultant
  • Behavior therapist for children with special needs

Faculty Profile

The department has faculty members who are academically prepared to handle major courses and to help and guide students who want to become future psychologists. The teaching staff of the department are:

  • All holders of MA and PhD degrees from pretigious academic institutions
  • Certified psychologists by the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP)
  • Officers and board members of national professional organization,
  • Consultants in different clinics and companies in the corporate world
  • Practicing Psychologists and counselors in the industrial and clinical settings
  • Researchers in both basic and applied Psychology,and
  • Recipients of outstanding teaching performance awards.


  • Experimental Psychology Laboratory
  • Audio-Visual Classrooms
  • Group dynamics Group Dynamics Facility

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