Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Psychology Department Now Center of Development

Psychology Department of College of Science Now Center of Development

On December 20, 2012, the Psychology Department of the College of Science has finally been declared by the Commission on Higher Education as Center of Development (COD) by virtue of CHED Memo Order # 5, s. 2012. This strengthens the status of the Department as a “potent catalyst for world class scholarships, best practices, innovative curriculum, search and extension, and professional development in Psychology” as stipulated in Republic Act 7722 otherwise known as Higher Education Act of 1994 which serves as the legal basis for the granting of COD’s and COE’s. Further, it provides the Department the privilege of availing financial assistance to a project proposal geared towards the development or improvement of the program.

Since the COD status ceases on the 31st of May 2014, the Department, according to its Chair, Dr. Ma. Claudette A. Agnes, who has concurrently been serving as the acting Chair of the CHED Technical Committee on Psychology since August 15, 2012, is already preparing for the Center of Excellence status by strengthening both the curriculum and their research capabilities. Faculty members and students alike have already been publishing in local and international journals. Research outputs are likewise presented in academic fora in both the local and global settings.

Part of the working plan of the Department is to maintain the quality education translated through effective instruction and manifested in the quality of its graduates. It also sees to it that it is abreast of current developments related to the field of psychology. Currently, in compliance with the Republic Act 129 otherwise known as Psychology Law that requires Psychometrician Board Examinations for B. S. Psychology graduates and Board Exam for Psychologists for M.A. holders, the Department is already aiming at 100% licensed psychologists in the roster of its faculty. The Department sees the possibility of becoming “licensed psychologists without exams” which may be granted among practicing psychologists who are M.A. in Psychology holders with 5 years teaching experience prior to March 10, 2010 and 3 years in the practice of Psychology prior to March 10, 2010 among the Ph.D. holders.

In terms of helping the students, the Department plans to hold an in-house review not only for the graduating students but also for the non-graduating students starting from the second year. The plan is to start it this summer of 2013. Among the graduating students, this is indeed a good preparation for the 1st Psychometrician Board Examinations  come October 2013.

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