Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Japanese parasitologist conducts certificate course on fish parasites

Dr. Misako Urabe, a parasitology professor of the University of Shiga Prefecture (Japan) conducted a week-long Certificate Course on Fish Parasitology at the UST Graduate School on September 9-13, 2013. The event, which was attended by 53 participants from different public and private research and academic institutions throughout the country, was organized by the Center for Continuing Professional Development (CCPED) of the Graduate School, the Department of Biological Sciences of the College of Science, and the Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences.


The week-long course was designed to introduce the participants to the taxonomy, biology, and ecology of fish parasites. Lecture and laboratory sessions that tackled various aspects of fish parasitology were likewise conducted. The participants were also given the chance to sample fish and gastropods (parasite intermediate hosts) in Lake Taal in order to apply the principles they learned inside the classroom and the laboratory.


Other lecturers/laboratory instructors during the said event included freshwater ecologist Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa; parasitologist Assoc. Prof. Gil A. Cauyan, M.Sc.; and graduate students Mr. Jonathan Carlo A. Briones, M.Sc. and Ms. Ann-Geneva A. Adorable. They were ably assisted by undergraduate biology students from the UST Biology Society.


Dr. Urabe’s visit was made possible through the CHED-PHERNet Project of Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa and Assoc. Prof. Gil Cauyan entitled “Fish Intestinal Parasitofauna of Three Major Aquaculture Lakes in Luzon Island, Philippines – Diversity, Ecology, Systematics and Indicators of Ecosystem Health” where Dr. Urabe serves as a collaborator.




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