Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Back to back winning streak

essay and speech winnersBack to back winning streak for the College of Science!

The Department of English celebrated its English Week with the theme “Adapt to be Adept: Using English for ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015”. The weeklong event jump-started with an Intercollegiate essay writing contest held on 16 March 2015, at the AMV library, one week before the English Week to give the judges ample time to read and rate the essays. Mark Carascal, a third year Microbiology student, who is consistently in the dean’s list represented the College of Science. He, along with the other contestants developed an on-the-spot essay on the role, significance, and impact of English language to a Thomasian future practitioner come ASEAN integration.

Meanwhile, on 25 March, as the College of Science was also celebrating its own weeklong Science Week, the Department of English held its culminating activity at the TARC auditorium. One of the highlights of the event was the Intercollegiate Inspirational Speech contest held from 1-4 in the afternoon where 13 bright and talented students vied for the first place. Each contestant was given five to seven minutes to deliver his or her own theme to inspire everyone in the audience, including the judges. It was Nicole Mendiola, an active junior Biology student, who acted as the College of Science representative. Although last to be called, Nicole showed amazing grace when her number was called. Despite being the last, Nicole captured the attention of the audience when she began to talk about her favorite novel, a metaphor she cleverly used that intrigued everyone, especially the judges, for her WANTED STRESS – SERVICE. From start until she uttered the last word of her speech, the audience were all ears as Nicole articulated every word, every phrase, every sentence, with so much passion.

In the end, it was the winning moment for the College of Science as both Mark Carascal and Nicole Mendiola nailed the first place for the Essay Writing and the Inspirational Speech, respectively. As the crowd cheered for the winners, it is worth pondering an excerpt from the last part of Nicole’s speech:

…teenage life is about finding your certain interest that turns into passion…
to wake up every single day with a purpose. It is about knowing to answer
when people ask, WHY. Service is my favourite novel. Service is the stress that I want.

It was all glory for the winners, more importantly, it was all for the Glory of GOD.

Mark Carascal and Nicole Mendiola were trained by Ms. Abigail M. Deabanico and Ms. Wenda P. Fajardo

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