Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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UST, NCU of Taiwan sponsor a symposium

In celebration of Math and Physics week held October 18-23, 2014 with the theme, "Connect, Converge, Collaborate" Math and Physics Department of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) partnered with the National Central University (NCU) of Taiwan as they sponsored the 19th Rev. Fr. Ciriaco Pedrosa, O.P. Memorial Lecture Series on the 3rd day. This was held at the Thomas Research Complex Auditorium of the University of Santo Tomas with more than 30 participating institutions, around 250 Math and Physics teachers of the secondary and tertiary levels from all over the Philippines.

To achieve the aim of promoting interest in Physics and the breeder sciences such as Chemistry and Mathematics, lectures were given by the two universities. Topics delivered by NCU professors are the following: 'Bio-mathematical models for cell proliferation, differentiation & de-differentiation' by Pik Yin Lai, 'Surface Science Research in NCU' by Mang-Fan Lou, 'Suppression of cardiac alternans by chaotic attractors by Chi-Keung Chan, and 'Advances in soft-matter & biophysics: Personal and biased experience' by Pik Yin Lai.

The following are the topics in Mathematics explored by professors of the Math and Applied Physics Department of UST: 'On option pricing using fourier inversion methods' by Sheen Mclean Cabaneros, 'Multiobjective optimization of product mix problems using fuzzy linear programming' by Recto Rex M. Calingasan, 'On the use of colored hyperbolic subgroup patterns in finding covering maps for triply periodic minimal surfaces' by Ma. Carlota B. Decena, 'Estimating the probability of default in credit cards using survival analysis' by Mary Martin, 'A parametric survival analysis of breast cancer patients among different age groups and body mass index' by Josephine Bernadette Benjamin, and 'Characterization of the role of fluctuations in predator-prey dynamics driven by demographic stochasticity' by Karlo Palenzuela.

For Physics, Daniel Vicario gave a lecture on 'Determination of electric and magnetic field levels within the right of way distances of 69 kV, 230 kV, and 500 kV electric power lines in selected sites in the Philippines' while Lucille Borlaza talked about the 'Evaluation of the efficiency of an ultrafine titanium dioxide based paint for removing nitrogen oxides in an outdoor environment'. Other lectures delivered were the following: 'Electrowetting actuation of dye-doped liquid droplets for tunable fluorescent displays' by Rea Divina Mero and 'A proximity measure for density estimation in entropy calculations from high-dimensional simulation data' by Bernhard Egwolf.



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