Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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  1. Isolation of an Entopathogenic Nematode (Family: Steinermatidae) in Barangay Maahas, Los Baños, Laguna 
    -- Glen F. Cabra, Juan Alfonso M. Mendoza, Mylene B. Umbalin, and Gil A. Cauyan [Read more alt]

  2. Diet Composition of Glossogobius celebius (Valenciennes, 1837) of Lake Taal, Batangas
    -- Hizola, Michael Juven, Singson, Michaela Cara, Tanseco, Julian Alfonso, and Rey Donne S. Papa [Read more alt]

  3. ɛ-BLOT: A Simple and Rapid Immunodiagnostic Kit for House Dust Mite and Cockroach Allergy
    -- Allen Yentyl V. Dalmacion, Peamy Vanezza C. Dayag, Vannie Rose D. Manapat, Emmanuel Angelo S. Nerit, Timothy L. Tang Lee Say, and John Donnie A. Ramos [Read more alt]

  4. Fungal Root Endophytes Isolated from Musa spp. As Biological Control Agents Against the Plant Pathogen Fusarium Oxysporum
    --Adducul, Andre Cedric Y., Cabalfin, Rizza Celina B., Dagamac, Nikki Heherson A., Sogono, Paolo G., and Thomas Edison E. Dela Cruz [Read more alt]

  5. Calliphorid Fly Diversity in Mts. Palay-Palay/ Mataas na Gulod National Park in Ternate, Cavite
    -- Agatep, Marra Assumption F., Jaingue, Evan Jerome B., Sison, Jevi Ann A., Sola, Gian Mark C., Donald Afan, and Richard Pavia [Read more alt]

  6. Growth Enhancement and Inhibition of Aeromonas hydrophila by Lactobacillus strain T13, A Possible Probiotic for Oreochromis niloticus
    -- Lopez, Camille Cecilia, Medina, Kristel Jayne, Miranda, Katrina Winona, Tiu, Bienvenido, Alicia Ely J. Pagulayan and Edward A. Quinto [Read more alt]

  7. A Comparison Between Catechins and Vitamin E in Lowering the Lipid Peroxidase Levels in the Lungs of Male ICRI Mice
    -- Aniag, Patricia Marie M., Gozalez, Richard Ryan E., Miranda, Barbara Marie J., Valledor, Abigail Ruth R., and Edgardo B. Tan [Read more alt]

  8. Induction of Cell Death to Urinary Cancer by Tinospora rumphii Crude Extract characterized by Acridine Orange
    -- Rafael Martin A. Alcid, Alexander Gerard L. Gungab, Adrian B. Lorenzo, Josephus Vince Edward T. Tiu, Emmanuel Andrew C. Venturina and Josefino R. Castillo [Read more alt]

  9. Rotifier Diversity as Bioindicators of Water Quality in the Pasig River
    -- Milagros Andrea Victoria A. Lazo, Kristine Kamille P. Nieto, Ma. Felma S. Rayel, Dominique M. Sto. Domingo, Maria Andrea M. Vergara and Rey Donne S. Papa [Read more alt]

  10. Effect of Various Nitrogen and Phosphorus sources on the growth of Green alga Botrycoccus braunii isolated from Paoay Lake
    -- Judith Domilee K. Ang, Daryll Gino I. Co, Anya I. Hocson, Ruffa Jermaine P. Javier, Jacob Julian S. Unarce and Susana S. Baldia [Read more alt]

  11. An Avifaunal assessment of Mt. General Garcia in Palauig, Zambales
    -- Olivia P. Cabrera, Janine Kae A. De La Paz, Lovely Elinor L. Chan, Ayn Jhasferee C. Morato, Julius Oscar Paulvir M. De Jesus and Mae Lowe L. Diesmos [Read more alt]

  12. Comparative analysis of the Larvicidal effect of the Aqueous Leaf Extract of Azadirachta indica and Vernonia cinerea against the 3rd Instar Larvae of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
    -- Laurienne L. Agoncillo, Mark Aldrin A. Alcid, Ken Aeson D. Barsales, Cathleen Camille N. Cabrera, Christina Camille N. Cabrera and Gil A. Cauyan [Read more alt]

  13. The prevalence of Lernaea cyprinacea in selected Fish hatcheries of Laguna De Bay
    -- Rowena Shelley C. Balbastro, Jose Mari A. De Jesus, Sherie Anne S. Suñga, Ion Tristan T. Tomada, Hazel May A. Tupe and Sonia N. Javier [Read more alt]

  14. Ethnobotany of the Bagos in Cuenca, Pugo La Union
    -- Rovyrissa P. Gutierrez, Jonathan Vidal B. Molano, Juan Carlo F. Muñoz, Helen Anna J. Pasana, Rose Ann P. Regaspi and Rosie S. Madulid [Read more alt]

  15. Substrate settlement of Pocillopora damicornis on selected Anthropogenic Materials
    -- Richardson B. Lorilla, Jaime David Lozo III, Rick Jensen D. Mateo, Jay-Arr V. Paulino, Chadli S. Paz and Richard Thomas B. Pavia Jr. [Read more alt]

  16. Population Analysis of trees and Shrubs in the UST Campus
    -- Alexander Carlo C. Alfonso, Kathleen V. Escueta, Florence Rochelle C. Gan, Jan Leslie de los Reyes, Mark Andrew L. Sibug and Rosie S. Madulid [Read more alt]

  17. The Potency of Glycine max (Soybean) in Inhibiting Pterygoplichthys spp. (Suckermouth Catfish) Sperm Motility In Vitro
    -- Queensley Filart, Jacuiline Marcos, Ayra Bianca Tan, Gian Carla Tan and Emerita Simeon [Read more alt]

  18. Modifying Effects of Polyphenolic Pigments from Theobroma cacao on DEN Induced Hepatocellular Damage
    -- Joanna Marie M. Alday, Kathryn Angeli Z,.de los Reyes, Giezebel D.Hernandez , Ma. Rosario U. Poquiz, Diane Elaine D. Verches and Josefino R. Castillo [Read more alt]

  19. The Tropical Application of Concentrated Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) Juice on Wound Healing
    -- John Harold S. Lim, Mark Anthony T. Natividad, Emmanuel Victor C. Rigor, Edward T. Woo and Edgardo B. Tan [Read more alt]

  20. In Vitro Culture of Vanda ustii in Knodson With or Without Supplements
    -- Jia an G. Bello, Geraldine M. Camer, Jamieloisa C. Silvestre, Virna Noreena R. Seno and Maureen B. Sabit [Read more alt]

  21. A Preliminary Study on the Joint Action of Crude Piperne and Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis for Aedes aegypti on mosquito larvicidal Control
    -- Jonie C. Tan, Corinna J. Ongaigui, Grace B. Lim, Aloiza J. Hadloc, Monica B. Pecache and Sonia N. Javier [Read more alt]

  22. Reproductive Morphology and Phylogenetic Relationship of selected Philippine Marsdenieae genera (Apocynaceae-Asclepiadnideae)
    -- Jasper Angelo V. De Mesa, Paul Martin M. Garcia, Christa Nympha M. James, Yancel Donna L. Mascardo and Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro [Read more alt]

  23. Involvement of Tetrodotoxin-Producing Bacteria in Chelonodon potaca, a Puffer fish Collected from Bonuan Beach, Pangasinan
    -- Ron Paulo T. Alvarez, Christina C. Areinue, Leandro T. Del Mundo, Michael Christopher E. Gaviola and Jose Francis V. Abrantes [Read more alt]

  24. Acaricidal Activity of Essential Oils from Cananga odorata, Citrus aurantium and Pinus insularis
    -- Sherry Marie M. Gallardo, Cristina Marie D. Lajom, Timothy Josef L. Lao, Earl P. Tongol,  Krizia Camille O. Ty and John Donnie A. Ramos [Read more alt]

  25. Immunomodulatory Effects of CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides on rBlo t 5-induced Allergic Reactions
    -- Kriesler William S. Chua,  Kristoffer C. Dela Peña,  John Joseph L. Denoga , Leolina Remeceta M. Gamboa,  Alyssa L. Hernandez and  John Donnie A. Ramos [Read more alt]

  26. The Novel Phylogenetic Position of Greeniopsis Merr. (Rubiaceae) Inferred from Morpholgy, ITS (nrDNA) and trnL-trnLF
    (cpDNA) Sequence Data
    -- Arvin Paulo S. Aquino, Jose Mari C. Fajardo, Charlton N. Ignacio, Niño 1Carlos M. Naidas, Tristan Noel P. Santiago and Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro [Read more alt]

  27. Analysis of PECAM-1 Expression in hCG-treated Rat Lung Tumor Through Automated Quantitation
    -- Kimmie Xander T. Chua, Michelle A. Chua, Reyvee Bonn R. Lacsina, Robert Leeh E. Pedragosa, Jan Michael E. Samaniego and Jodefino R. Castillo [Read more alt]

  28. The Hypoglycemic Effeciency of Virgin Coconut oil Compared to Avandamet™ in Streptozotocin- Induced Diabetic ICRI Mice
    -- Ma. Joyce Crish-Anne T. Bobiles, Lorielle Marie E.S Galvez, Kerwin Louis L. Manalang, Victoria Camille S. Manalo, Dann Vincent C. Samson and Emerita Simeon [Read more alt]

  29. Samanea saman as a Potential Bioindicator for Air Pollution using Microscopic Observation and the Spectrophotometric
    Analysis of Sulfur Dioxide
    -- Marianne Kristine C. Arguel, Trixy Donna Marie O. Bohol, Katrina May F. Francia, John M. Bernard, Richard F. Yazon and Maureen Sabit [Read more alt]

  30. Distribution and Characterization of Epiphytic Amphipods and Annelids in Microalgal Community of Sto. Rosario, Iba,
    -- Portia Bernice D.C. Domingo, Karen Grace D.V Ibarra, Kristopher James D. Matias, Raymond G. Olazo, Paulo Angelo V. Tuvera and Sonia N. Javier [Read more alt]

  31. The Effect of Chronic Exposure of the Therapeutic Concentration of Formalin on the Reproductive Potential of Poecilia reticulata
    -- Ebenezer Francis O. Arthur, Justin Cid Paul Y. Claudio, Rod Michael P. Corpuz, Mc-Neil G. Fernandez, Benedict A. Maralit and Richard Thomas B. Pavia Jr [Read more alt]

  32. A Comparison of BLCA-4 Gene Sequence Between Human and Wistar Rat Bladder Carcinoma
    -- Zhela V. Go, Manilyn Ann C. Hong, Jasy Mary S. Lazarte, Jo-Ann Marie G. Mendoza, Ricka Angelyn T. Quiambao and Josefino R. Castillo [Read more alt]

  33. Synonymy of the Three Villaria Rolfe (Rubiaceae) Inferred from Morphological and Nuclear rDNA Sequence Data
    -- Denise Lorraine A. Arlegui, Paula Monica O. Detabali, Maria Esperanza A. Espino, Ervin G. Layson, Reinna Francesca B. Rosales and Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro [Read more alt]

  34. Verification of Suspected Hybridization between Ptergoplichthys pardalis and Pterygoplichthys dijunctivus in Marikina river
    -- Mark William Diano, Mary Jane Tiffany L. Go, Camilo Jan Jose P. Fontanoz, Maria Rosario F. Juliano, Julian James M. Santos and Josefino R. Castillo [Read more alt]

  35. Determination of the toxicity, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Villaria orodata Merr. and Parkia timoriana Merr. leaves
    -- Jake Bonnie D. Briones, Arcy Roberto O. Capinding, Mary Ronah B. Cristal, Carmela Lauren G. Dimalanta, Pia Donna R. Taliño and Edward A. Quinto [Read more alt]

  36. Age, Growth and Gonadal Maturity of Sardinella tawilis (Herre, 1927) Sampled during the Wet Season
    -- Jean Marie P. Maramag, Angeline May M. Santos, Airess Mae R. Talaga, Patricia Marie G. Young and Alycia Ely J. Pagulayan [Read more alt]

  37. Antibacterial Activities of Leaf Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Seagrasses, Enhalus sp. and Cymodocea sp.
    -- Alexander S. Sio, Louzaldy Earl D. Thornton, Christian Lloyd C. Ycasas and Thomas Edison E. Dela Cruz [Read more alt]

  38. Occurrence of Intestinal Parasites and its Probable Negative Correlation with Fish Size of Common Edible Fish in Maggahan Floodway System
    -- Jonathan Carlo Briones, Aljann Dela Cruz, Jake De Austria, Jose Rafael Rosal, Allan Antonio Sabada and Gil A. Cauyan [Read more alt]

  39. The Effect of Sesamuindicum seeds in Hyperchloesteremic Male ICR Mice
    -- Niña Astra G. Cruz, Andrea Jeanette B. Cuyos, Anniefer Joy C. Diomampo, Anna Maureen B. Dungca, Syndel Raina W. Lim and Emerita C. Simeon [Read more alt]

  40. Neuromuscular Blocking Effects of Alstoniascholaris and Daturametel Alkaloid Extracts on the Muscle-Nerve Preparation of Male Wistar Rats
    -- Ma. Felisse Carmen Gomez, Priti Ghimiri, Portia Sabangan, Meliza Ylaine Salvador and Rey Donnie Papa [Read more alt]

  41. The Hypoglycemic Activity of Rauvolfiaserpentina on Streptozotocininduced Male ICRI Mice
    -- Patricia Cepeda, John Frank Evangelista, Paola Bianca Macasieb, Therese Francesca Tan and Emerita Simeon [Read more alt]

  42. The Antiulcer Effect of Crude Flavonoids Extracted from Bidenspilosa in ICRMice
    -- Patrick Avellano, Camilla Alay Llamas, Jasmin Nacino, Anna Tan and Edgardo Tan [Read more alt]

  43. A Comparative Study of Lizard Population Between Mohogany Plantation and Secondary Old Growth Forest Reserve
    -- Fabunan, M., Gerardo, M. A., Maguslog, J., Surquia, J., Salumbre, R. and Diesmos, M. L. [Read more alt]

  44. Phylogenetic Positions of the Tuberous Rubiaceous Epiphytes (and Plants) Inferres from ITSI, 5.8s gene and ITS2 region (nrDNA) sequence data
    -- Christopher Evangelista, Lianne Getuiza, Emerson Liberato, Andrei Punsalan, Jenny Cris Rosales and Grecebio Jonathan Alejandro [Read more alt]


  1. In Vivo Efficacy of the Crude Root Extract of Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. (Kadios) on Ascaridia galli Adults and Eggs
    -- Andrea Beron, Karla Francisco, Angelie Manaloto, Jean Sy, Kathleen Tayo and Gil Cauyan [Read more alt]

  2. Age, Length, and Gonadal Maturity of Sardinella tawilis
    -- Vanesa R. Abarintos, Pamela Joy A. Cruz, Luanne Marie I. Cervatos, Kathrine Faye D. Dela Cruz, Ma. Kathrena S. Loisaga and Alicia Pagulayan [Read more alt]

  3. An Assessment on the Effect of Crude Leaf Extract of Datura Metel L. on Gastric Ulcer in ICR Mice and Its Antibacterial Capabilities
    -- Ramon Julius E. Em, Marc Alfred C. Mangahas, Richard Ray R. Maquiling, Jan Adrian F. Sarangay, Ernest Francis B. Veloso and Prof Gina R. Dedeles, PhD [Read more alt]

  4. The Bioactivity of Bufo marinus Crude Venom on MNU-induced Breast Cancer in Wistar Rats
    -- Jamie Olivia C. Go, Hitomi L. Kinoshita, Karina Ann G. Lamorena, Ma. Milagros Socorro M. Morales, King John Sherwin Y. Soon and Asst. Prof Josefino R. Castillo [Read more alt]

  5. Genetic Polymorphism of MS4A2 Gene in a selected Asthmatic Filipinos residing in Manila and Muntinlupa, Philippines
    -- Rayzelle Anne Caballero, Candace Ingrid London, Irish Magat, Novrendo Novo, Jennifer Maries Yap, and John Donnie Ramos [Read more alt]

  6. A Comparative Study on the Efficacy of Essential Oils from Citrus microcarpa and Citrus aurantium Peels as a Larvicide Against the 3rd instar larvae of Aedes aegypti
    -- Paolo David, Michael Fernandez, Gilinezabel Igtiben, Roy Lawrence Paredes, Mark Robles and Sonia Javier [Read more alt]

  7. Phytochemicals from Three Philippine Plants as Biofumigants for the Environmental Control of House Dust Mite Dermatophagoides farina
    -- Christian Ang, Al Jazzer Angas, Rionnes Dacalanio, Marc Navarro, Zelanie Villegas, and John Donnie Ramos [Read more alt]

  8. A Contribution to the Biology of the Ectoparasitic Isopod, Coraliana grandiventra Ho & Tonguthal, 1992: Redescription of Morphological Characters Based on Light Microscopy and Novel Insights Through Scanning Electron Microscopy of Taal Lake Samples
    -- Gabriel B. Bulanadi, Marvin Jay A. Bunquin, Apple P. Casem, Vanessa B. Pascua and Rey Donne S. Papa [Read more alt]

  9. Comparative Analysis of the Treatment of Elevated ALT levels Caused by 7,12-DMBA-induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma of Female Sprague-Dawley Rats by Methanolic Extracts Containing Flavonoids from Apple (Malus domestica), Orange (Citrus sinensis) and Onion (Allium Cepa)
    -- Vincent Alexei S. Betos, Angie Lyn C. Idio, Theresa Joy L. Sy, Jana Mariz C. Templo, Lavinia M. Tunay and Josefino R. Castillo [Read more ]

  10. Detection of White Spot Virus (WSV) and Monodon Baculovirus (MBV) associated with Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei collected in Hagonoy and Malolos, Bulacan
    -- De Leon, Star Roger Ram S. , Lomboy, Jemmarie S. , Mortel, Giselle Christine D., Onilla, Arianne Marisse A., Roldan, Debbie O. and Mary Beth Maningas [Read more alt]

  11. Otolith Microstructure Examination in Determining the Age in relation to Total Length, Fork Length, Otolith Length, Gonadal Maturity and Weight of Sardinella tawilis Alicia Ely j Pagulayan
    -- Kristel Escusa, Arlene Fernandez, Renalyn Mae Fernandez, Harley King Gaddi, Ken Jeffrey Magcalas and Alicia Ely J. Pagulayan [Read more alt]

  12. Diversity and Occurrence of Plasmodial Myxomycetes in Selected Highlands and Islands of Luzon Philippines
    -- Liwayway Hiyas Corpus, Anton Oliver Javier, Rudolf Kuhn, Christian Parra, Coleen Rodillas, Thomas Edison dela Cruz [Read more alt]

  13. A Preliminary Study on Histopathology of Juvenile Pterygoplichtys spp. (janitor fish) Liver treated with L- mimosine (β-[N-(3-hydroxy-4-oxopryridyl)]-α-aminopropionic acid)
    -- Arrol Jan Aquino, Cinderella Cachuela, John Elmer Chan, Leslie Anne dela Cruz, and Justic Patrick Dominic Go and Emerita C. Simeon [Read more alt]

  14. Hepatoprotective Property of Ipomoea muricata (L.) Jacq. Crude Seed Extract in Drug- Induced Hepatotoxicity in Male ICR Mice
    -- Mary Grace Joy Cabrera, Monique Kristine Guzman, Sherry Joy Ramirez, Reinalyn San Andres and Rosie S. Madulid [Read more alt]

  15. The Effect of Commercial Green Tea Power Extract on the Folate Level and Embryonic Development of ICR Mice
    -- Anna Theres Abiog, Anjeli Alejandre, Diane Iris Basaca, Beatrice-Nicole Figueroa, Adrian Joseph Tolentino and Gardette R. Valmonte [Read more alt]

  16. The Anti-Carcinogenic Potency of n-Hexane Extract of Bidens pilosa (L.) (Family: Asteraceae) on the Development of UVC-induced Basal Cell Carcinoma in Male ICR Mice.
    -- Arnie John O. David, Marlon O. Martinez, Kenneth George C. Murakami, John Christopher A. Onilla, Jed Cedric SJ. Reyes, Josefino R. Castillo and Marilyn G. Rimando [Read more alt]

  17. Teratogenic Effect of the Methanolic Extract of Syzgium cumini Seed on the External Morphology of ICR Mice
    -- Lemuel Edejer, Albert Charles Ellazar, Joseph Niño Espino, Ma. Katrina Evasco, Patel Michael Mayuga and Catherine Carson [Read more alt]

  18. In-vitro Efficacy of the Crude Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Brassica chinensis Linn. (Pechay) Against the Eggs and Larvae of Ascaris suum
    -- Angeli Chiqui Mae L. Biglaen, Edelane Mae B. Tiu, Diana E. Tongson, Karlo Jose R. Villanueva, and Gil A. Cauyan [Read more alt]

  19. The Effect of Crude-oil Seawater Mixture on the Settlement of Pocillopora damicornis (L., 1758) Planulae
    -- Lawrence R. Guiang, Cesar F. Mendoza II, Miguel Rodrigo G. Nicolas, Ariel M. Ortega, Aaron Justo G. Resultan, and Mae Lowe L. Diesmos [Read more alt]

  20. Interleukin 4-590 C/t Gene Polymorphism as a Genetic Marker for Atopic Asthma in a Selected Filipino Pediatric Population
    -- Charles Erwin A. Cabus, Jhoana Kim B. Ibarra, Christopher G. Manalo, Jela Patricia R. Matibag and John Donnie A. Ramos, Ph. D. [Read more alt]

  21. Ethnomedicinal Plants of Tribe Higa-onon of Barangay Kalagonoy, Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental
    -- Kenneth V. Adube, Tiffany Dawn E. Almoros, Ray Andrew Alberto J. Bacus, Kristoffer Ian A. Guerrero, Ross Jacob A. Rosales, Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro and Rosie S. Madulid [Read more alt]

  22. Determination of the Antihelminthic property of Tamarindus indica on Ascaris suum (Pig Ascaris)
    -- Alrick Anthony R. Gonzales, Kristina C. Legaspi, Mary Czarina V. San Diego, Maria Karen R. Tan, Angela Eliza C. Tuason and Gil A. Cauyan [Read more alt]

  23. The Effects of Different Light-Dark Cycles on the Oil Production of a Microalga Botryococcus braunii and a Cyanobacterium Oscillatoria quadripunctulata
    -- Kristan Bisnar, Didrah Aina Salvador, Lilirose Torrado, Anna Isabelle Saquido, Ma. Katrina Villanueva and Susan Baldia [Read more alt]

  24. Discovering a Novel Endemic Philippine Genus of Rubiaceae Using the Regions of the Internal Transcribed Spacer (nrDNA)
    -- Niña Marie Carpio, Maria Ines Garcia, Alexander Juson, Jenny Lyn Lee, Julie Ann Lopez and Grecebio Jonathan Alejandro [Read more alt]

  25. Plant animal assco in Pistia stratiotes linn. “watter lettuce” in a rice field at Santiago, Nueva Ecija
    -- Manuel Francisco P. Silvala, Marie Bianca Angelica M. Tech, Nica May V. Villanueva, Steffi Anne V. Villanueva, Maureen Sabit [Read more alt]

  26. Identification of Marine Amphipods (Crustacea: Amphipoda) in Selected Coastal Areas of Luzon Islands, Philippines
    -- Christine L. Alapajora, Catherine P. Asuncion, Merly Mae A. Oyong, Mark James C. Taguinod and Sonia N. Javier [Read more alt]

  27. Chemopreventive effect of Syzygium cumini (Linn.) Skeels or ‘’Duhat’’ Seed Crude Extract on 7,12-Dimethylbenz|a|anthracene (7,12- DMBA) –induced Breast Cancer on Female Sprague-Dawley Rats.
    -- Daryl R. Badar, Joyce Daphne A. Calilap, Lizhelle Nina G. Gonzalez, Polla Lorenze K. Holgado Josefino R Castillo [Read more alt]

  28. A Study on the Effectiveness of the Pulverized Shells from Perna viridis (formerly known as Mytilus edulis) to Serve as an Alternative Calcium Supplement
    -- Aizelle J. Moje, Vanessa Marie Z. Oliveros, Charisse B. Pulmano, Ma. Cinderella T. Tuquero and Edgardo Tan [Read more alt]

  29. A Survey of Corticolous Lichens in La Mesa Eco Park and Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park
    -- Ma. Perpetua D. De Los Santos, Fatima Anne Krystal F. Decangchon, Clark Christopher I. Reyes, Princess Hanna C. Rosario and Thomas Edison dela Cruz [Read more alt]

  30. Abundance of Chironomus sp. (Bloodworms) in Selected Areas of Marilao River, Bulacan
    -- Genevieve A. Abuan, Laedepe A. Estrada, Kathleen Lia Mae L. Morales, Rizza V. Navarro and Sonia A. Javier [Read more alt]

  31. In vivo antihelmintic efficacy of dried Momordica charantia (ampalaya) leaves on Ascaridia galli (chicken ascaris)
    -- Cheng, Jennifer M., Co, Hazeline Y., Danganan, Joana Marie R., Delos Santos, Cedric Marc L., Quimbao, Lou Franchesca G., and Cauyan, Gil A. [Read more alt]

  32. 159 C/T Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of the CD14 Gene and the Risk of Allergic Asthma In a Selected Filipino Population
    -- Mariel Anne C. Dela Rea, Ginger Grace H. Miranda, Marion R. Nuevo, Ma. Carmela Sto. Domingo, Marvin A. Wynant and John Donnie A. Ramos, Ph.D [Read more alt]

  33. Radioprotective Potential of Moringa oleifera Leaf Collection of the Intestinal Epithelia of gamma-irradiated ICR Male Mice
    -- Arada, Maria Nickie S., Bagadiong, Charmaine A., Geronimo, Leighnette L., Girn, Bhupinder K., Tan, Nicole Bianca D., and Simeon, Emerita C. [Read more alt]

  34. Buccal Cells from Mouthwash Samples as An Alternative Source of DNA for Detecting Polymorphic cyp2e1 and gstt1 and gstm1 Genes in Filipino Pediatrics
    -- Alvaro Brian I. , Baquiran, Jessica Aevan U., Macabasco, Jonatahan V., Penafiel, Armeo Eugenio S., Santamaria, Edison, T., and Rimando, Marilyn G. [Read more alt]

  35. A Comparative Study on the Acceleration of Wound Healing by Manihot esculenta (Cassava) Leaf-Extract
    -- De Vera, Maria Margarita B., Domato, Tahir A., Pingol, Maria Judea Ellaine C., Pulido, Denzel Anne R., Santos, Maria Elizabeth U., and Simeon, Emerita C. [Read more alt]

  36. A New Species of Greeniopsis Merr. (Rubiaceae) Inferred from Morphology and ITS (nrDNA) Sequence Data
    -- Catbagan, Carl Conrad DG. , Galera, Daphne M., Saliendres, Jeremhea D., and Alejandro, Grecebio Jonathan D. [Read more alt]

  37. A Comparative Study on the Hypoglycemic Activity of Citrus maxima Byproducts in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes in Female ICR Mice
    -- Ai-Jen Russ O. Bautista, Marman Kirby B. Jara, Kaithlin Faith A. Mamauag, Maria Angelica B. Valdes, and Catherine C. Carson [Read more alt]

  38. Scanning Electron Micrographs of Philippine Freshwater Cladocerans (Water Fleas) from Major Freshwater Ecosystems in Luzon Is.
    -- Arquillo, Maria L., King, Smiley Larsen M., Napa, Christa Rosemary Faith, Valencia, Paula Angela C., Yacon, Reycell M. & Papa, Rey Donne S. [Read more alt]

  39. Isolation, Characterization, and Identification of Marine Yeasts Isolated from Selected Substrates in Calatagan, Batangas
    -- Go, Connel O., Hernandez, Sophia Angelica S., Ramirez, Carly Simon P., Ruiz, Hanah I., Sabit, Maureen B.,  & Dela Cruz, Thomas Edison E. [Read more alt]

  40. Resolving the Complexity of the three Greeniopsis species (Rubiaceae) inferred from morphology and ITS (nrDNA) sequence data
    -- Señeres, Anna Maria Mercidita S., Sondia, Gerna Rogena SB., Sumaoang, Irene Camella V., Valencia, Elaine A. & Alejandro, Grecebio Jonathan D. [Read more alt]

  41. Comparative Retention of Improvised Tags for Pterygoplichthys sp. Class Actinopterygii Order Siluriformes
    -- Christopher Fang, Mario Go, Carlos Mercado, Victor Reyes, Mark del Rosario, Mae Lowe Diesmos [Read more alt]

  42. Detection of White Spot Syndrome Virus and Monodon Baculovirus Associated with Penaeus monodon and Metapenaues dalli from Hagonoy, Bulacan
    -- Anna Dominique M. Aniag, Marie Veronica G. Bulaong, Geormae Anne K. Reblando, Annie Grave V. Urayenza, Jean Kathleen V. Yasuda, Marybeth M. Maningas [Read more alt]

  43. The Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Sesbania grandiflora (L.) Pers. Flower on High – Fat Diet Fed Male ICR Mice
    -- Roberto Jr. P. Catalan, Rico Pranc R. Estalilla, Jeffrey Dale S. Ignacio, Gladys D. Lizaso, Ma. Daniela S. Regino, Emerita C. Simeon [Read more alt]

  44. Captive Rearing and Survival Rate Determination of Penaeus indicus (Milne, 1837) in Marine, Brackish and Freshwater Aquaria
    -- Rose Anne Apostol, Patrick John Batol, Carmella Mari David, Juan Miguel Manalo, Simon Joseph Marquez, Mary Beth Maningas [Read more alt]


  1. A Preliminary Study on the in-vitro Efficacy of Pinus insularis (Benguet Pine) Needle Extracts as a Pesticide against Subulioiditermes emersoni
    -- Karen Dianne A. Abuan, Denise Elaine B. Aguilar, Caroline B. Bautista, Danwyn A. Mercado, Philip D. Principe, Gil A. Cauyan [Read more alt]
  2. Comparative analysis on the effect of crude methanol extracts of Kappaphycus sp. and Eucheuma sp. (Rhodophyta) on MNU-induced mammary carcinogenesis in nulliparous Sprague-Dawley rats
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  26. abstract
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    -- Christine Grace S.M. Arce, Jerald Joseph A. Domingo, Maharlika A. Maute, Marielle D.S. San Miguel and Rey Donne S. Papa [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Alyssa Charisse I. Capuchino, Jacelle Andrea A. Portugal, Jona Marie S. Raymundo and Gil A. Cauyan [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Mary Cyrille M. Evangelista, Joshua Philip G. Ortua, Lemuel D.G. Valerio, Cynthia M. Villegas and Richard Thomas B. Pavia Jr. [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Maja Rael O. Del Villar, Geraldine D. Lanuza, Maria Yana Kyle C. Quine and Emerita C. Simeon1 [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Kenny B. Bautista, Aristeo Renoir S. Del Mundo, Brian Nicole V. Estrella, Nigeliam E. Milan and Mae Lowe Diesmos [Read morepdf button]

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    -- Jennifer Ashley M. Co, Justine Marie Bernadette R. dela Cruz, Rhonuelle Joyce P. Manalastas, Ericka Armae M. Padilla and Mary Beth B. Maningas [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Alyzza Joyce P. Gonzales, Majesty D. Gonzales, Pierre Mikael V. Santiago, Eugene Francis U. Tan and Ma. Victoria B. Pangilinan [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Alexis Ma. Bianca R. Amisola, Jana Kathryn Luz U. Go, Maria Katrina T. Morato and Josefino R. Castillo [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Milca Flor B. Co, Roseanne Erika A. Loquellano, Maria Monica L. Manalo, Kevin Francis V. Mapa and Michael L. Bahrami-Hessari [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Timothy John L. Bautista, Rafael Y. dela Peña, Vivien Leigh D. Duray, Rey Arturo T. Fernandez and Josefino R. Castillo [Read more pdf button]

    -- Ramon Angelo C. Bayani, Karen Andrea D. Cadacio, Justine Louise B. Casipit, Michelle Angelica D. Choa and Gina R. Dedeles [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Emilianne W. Atienza, Ysabel Aira E. Azucena, Judy Ann G. Bacud, Chelsea Alyssa T. Resurreccion and Richard Thomas B. Pavia Jr. [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Ghianne Carla B. Magbitang, Audrey Shawntel P. Pinpin, Mikee B. Sison, Lexi G. Villanueva, Mae Lowe Diesmos and Ma. Victoria B. Pangilinan [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Ariel Thaddeus T. Beronilla, Raquel M. Go-Oco, Karl Wayne Adrian F. Mancao, Vyannice Crizzie G. Mauricio, Sonia N. Javier, M.Sc. [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Ma. Eloisa Marie L. Briones, Nadine Leigh O. Chu, Gerinne N. Daquioag, Patricia Bianca M. Flores and Marilyn G. Rimando [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Maria Isabel C. Dela Rama, Renelle Jamilah Krizzel Ang Dy, Raphaell Giancarlo B. Mordeno, Andres P. Pastrana III and Marilyn G. Rimando [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Frances Aina Beatrice R. Javier, Shannen Ann E. Peñaverde, Janina Andrea A. Sio and Catherine C. Carson [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Jeremy Alec V. Baello, Faith Dominique V. Lee, Brummel A. Roldan, Janella S. Suerte and Sonia N. Javier [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Angelou N. Balinong, Janica Lois T. Belderol, Anthea Sarah R. Caguitla, Mary Beth B. Maningas and Maria Violeta R. Tare [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Arlie L. Bamiano, Ramon Jose Angelo A. Casipit, Peter Kenneth A. Co, Dinslee E. Vergara and Cecilia I. Banag [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Joanner Paulus Erik P. Alaba, Jose Francisco M. Atienza, Jerick Jeffrey S. Tan, Maximo T. Umali IV and Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Miko Neil G. Andoy, Mariz S. Hizon, Maria Mitchelle I. Nazario, Prince Brendan B. Rodriguez, Gina R. Dedeles and Anna Christina R. Ngo [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Carmelle Marie F. Joson, Diana Mae O. Lacbanes, Roxyzette Paulianne B. Liao, Aileen D. Salazar and Edward Quinto [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Kenneth C. Candel, Marc Amiel B. Gomez, Juris Almos T. Juanitez III, Daniel Mador, Jonathan Carlo Briones, and Gil A. Cauyan [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Luielen N. Llamas, Nicielou R. Lustre, Maria Isabela R. Mendoza, Jedrick Paul L. Oliveros, and Mae Lowe Diesmos [Read more pdf button]

  65. Utilization of Selected Algal Species as Feed for Holothuria scabra (Jaeger, 1933), Juveniles
    -- Alecsandria B. Taguba, Kevin Jansen U. Tan, Mary Grace S. Tuazon, Michelle-Janelle M. Viduya and Susana F. Baldia [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Virgil John T. Castro, John Paul S. De Leon, Edmundo D.G. Maaño, Jr., Giancarlo Miguel S. Santos and Mae Lowe Diesmos [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Clarebelle P. Reyes, Kent Elson S. Sorgon, Anna Paula K. Usman and Richard Thomas B. Pavia Jr. [Read more pdf button]

  68. Preliminary Surveys on Amphibians and Reptiles in a Human Modified Ecosystem
    -- Nicole Ann I. Aler, Jovilin P. Manucduc, Maria Camille S. Pabion, Kathleen M. VIllarojo and Mae Lowe Diesmos [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Maria Crisselda A. Endozo, Marie Joie D. Marasigan, Angelica May O. Yabut and Mae Lowe Diesmos [Read more pdf button]

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    -- Alessi Rociel R. Azores, Audrey Joyce G. Chua, Cristina May A. Manalaysay, Hadrien Jerell D. Tabuan, Gina R. Dedeles and Anna Christina R. Ngo [Read more pdf button]

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