Sunday, May 28, 2017
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The Science Week 2014 Logo

SW2014-logo-300pxThe logo places the man of science at the focal point whose alacrity for change is informed by keenness, an attitude which is symbolized by an ocular half enveloping the four classic elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The earth where life in the landscape is found is represented by yellow and green leaves.

The play of colors exemplifies the necessity for change in life. The soft lines in alternating curls show the dynamism of air, the medium in which sound is transported. This figure suggests the importance of active transmission or communication in order to effect change. The orange and blue areas presented by undulating images embody the fire and water, respectively which both sustain life. These two stand for fervor and fluidity, two essential qualities of an individual embracing change.

The stars standing for scientific principles are set close to the man, showing the great influence of science in man’s decision and action. With whatever change the world has, including matters concerning the new educational landscape, the College is geared up as the Team Science’s collective optimistic attitude towards change is outlined in the logo; that is, Let’s Go, Science.


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