Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Theme of Science Week 2014



The field of education calls for a major facelift. This is due to the problems on access, equity, quality, and relevance. Because of the necessity for reform, change was introduced which germinated with the universal pre-schooling for all. This was followed by composite transformations in the Philippine educational system from the curriculum to the learning process, instructional materials, and even teacher-training. New technologies and practices accent classroom activities.

For almost two years now, K-12 and OBE have become local bywords. In the global setting, however, changing the regional architecture through ASEAN Integration more popularly known as ASEAN 2015 is getting much attention. Internalization, then, turns as a catchword placed on the forefront; that is, if one is determined at producing students at par with graduates of other countries. These local and global changes in education, however, are met with two opposing reactions. Given the consequences of adopting any of the changes, will the change bring about threat or a promise?

This dilemma stimulates the College of Science's interest in taking its heed to the call OF and FOR change. If the College is to be true to its mission of responding to the national and global concerns and is loyal to its vision of being distinguished internationally and be recognized as the center of learning the sciences, the College should not be trapped by age-old educational tradition and practices but be open-minded and be bold as it faces and welcomes the promise of the new educational landscape. Science Week 2014, therefore, is the venue to show that UST -- College of Science is READY, is SET and is good to GO with the evolving educational flow.


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